New Book by Michelle Moore, Founder of Mother’s Grace

“Healing the World One Woman at a Time”

Available for pre-order on Amazon now.  Click here to order.

Along with several other AMAZING women, I have had the opportunity to tell the story of my journey with the death of my son Eric and the formation of EricsHouse in a new book “A Mother’s Grace, Healing the World One Woman at a Time.” Amazon is now taking pre-orders through August 25th. A percentage of every book purchased will be donated to the organizations featured in the book and to EricsHouse that provides grief support to families who have tragically lost someone they love to suicide, substance, or sudden loss.

Please support this wonderful endeavor that Michelle Moore, Founder of Mother’s Grace, launched to feature mother’s who have risen from the flames and by the Grace of God have turned their tragedy’s into good for others. You can preorder the book by clicking the link below.

About Michelle Moore:  In 2000, Michelle Moore-Fanger had her second child, and like most mothers, she felt an overwhelming sense of love and the need to protect and provide for her children. As the founder of Mother’s Grace, Michelle she began approaching projects that would support and encourage other mothers to take their personal experiences and transform them into something positive for the children of their own communities.

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About Marianne Gouveia:  In 2016, Marianne lost her youngest son Eric to suicide.  As she struggled to make sense of the loss, she found that little help was available to help sort through the confusion and chaos that comes with suicide loss.  She founded EricsHouse to bring together a variety of resources to help others work their way through the aftermath of sudden death, suicide, and substance-related losses.  EricsHouse provides emotional, physical, and spiritual support for those bereaved by these horrific losses.  EricsHouse provides virtual support across the US and in-person support in their Paradise Valley, AZ location.