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Affirmations and Mantras

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One highly effective way of taking care of yourself during your grief journey is to find ways of grieving that make you feel better. Sounds simple! In fact, positive words and thoughts can and will help you. Find words that empower you to feel your pain, that motivate you to feel better, and over time you pain can be eased at least a little bit. In short, words are powerful tools to help transform your grief into something positive.

There are many biblical references that can be used as affirmations. One that I used during the worst part of my journey was one that I received during a Catholic mass — “All you holy men and women pray for us”. For me, this meant that I called on others to help heal myself and my family. Another might be “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” You can find words that resonate with you and say them as often as your like.

Here are some others that may be useful.

  • I take care of myself as I grieve.
  • My loved one will always be held in my heart.
  • I am grateful for the time I had with (name)
  • It is OK to take time for me.
  • It is OK for me to be sad; I will be patient with myself.
  • I am finding new strengths within myself.
  • I accept what I cannot change, and I have courage to change the things I can.
  • I feel peace when I am connected to the Divine.
  • I am safe, I am well, I am happy. All is well.
  • Recovering from grief takes time, I allow myself to heal at my own pace.
  • Wisdom comes from healed pain.
  • I will grow from my loss.
  • I will be reunited with my loved one again.
  • Love is eternal and it exists even after death.

You can also create your own affirmation — something meaningful to you — to restore joy and happiness after a loss. Things to remember when creating your own affirmation is that it must have a truth or a “knowing” that resonates within you. When you recite it, it should make you feel connected to your truth, and it should help you relieve some of your grief — from within. Be sure not to let any of the negative voices that we all have in our heads take control! Your affirmations should help you release the pain and replace it with love and peace.