Board of Advisors

Greg was Eric’s stepfather.  A mechanical engineer by training, Greg left the Aerospace world over 20 years ago to pursue a career in Business Process Improvement, based on training and implementation of Lean Six Sigma methodologies across a wide variety of industries, worldwide.

In 18 years as Eric’s stepdad, he had the joy of watching Eric grow into a sensitive, fun-loving, adventurous young man, full of promise and big dreams.  He also felt the frustration of watching the corrosive effects of Eric’s opioid addiction through repeated cycles of recovery and relapse.

Since Eric’s death, Greg has worked to comprehend what happened and try to find a way to honor Eric by doing something positive with his grief.  He still has more questions than answers.  He wrestles frequently with the concerns and guilt over what he didn’t do that he could have and did do that he shouldn’t have and the limitations, real and self-imposed, of the step parent’s role.

Carole Whittaker earned a doctorate in Chemistry at UCLA. Since retiring fron careers in teaching and science education and in agricultural businesses, Carole has been engaged in support adult spiritual growth. She has taught classes, led retreats, offered individual spiritual direction and developed programs at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Christian spirituality, contemplative prayer, personal development and faith formation.

Carole is certified through the Enneagram Professional Training Program with Helen Palmer and Davie Daniels as a teacher for the Enneagram of Personality Types. In addition to using the Enneagram as a teaching tool for exploring and enhancing personal development, Carole has developed and coordinated the presentation of an extensive curriculum of Enneagram programs for helping students understand and move beyond their personality type. For more information on Enneagram, click here The Enneagram Institute.

Jill is a licensed professional counselor who has focused on working with Survivors of Suicide since 2003. She was first introduced to those bereaved by suicide while working for The Wendt Center for Loss and Healing in Washington, D.C. Jill says that she knew almost immediately that she wanted to focus her life’s work on helping Survivors. She appreciates the uniqueness and social stigma associated with this grief. Her goal is to provide a safe space for those struggling with this loss, and to help provide hope for those feeling confused, helpless and alone.

Jill provides local training on both suicide prevention, and Survivor of Suicide grief. She, and a co-speaker, have been invited to speak at the American Association of Suicidology national conference on several occasions, as well as the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention conference two years in a row. Most recently, she has presented as a speaker at the International Association for Suicide Prevention conference in both Norway and Estonia.

Dr Sandi Howlett is a Grief Specialist and has worked with Hansen Mortuaries for 13 years. Her interest in grief work began in childhood with a grandmother who lived across the street from a small town funeral home and regularly took her there as well as made home visits to bereaved families. She has both extensive experience and expertise in loss, grief and healing work. She has been the featured speaker at hospice retreats and celebrations, conducted grief workshops for hospice staff and volunteers, schools, corporations, and private groups as well as extensive 1:1 work.

Dr. Sandi holds a Doctorate of Education and Master of Science degree from Virginia Tech University. She has continued her studies in the areas of communication, facilitation, personal growth, grief & loss and spirituality. In 2012, she was awarded the Ray Lindy Award, a New Song Center for Grieving Children recognition for outstanding service as well as the Empty Shoes Award from Parents of Murdered Children. She is also an outstanding storyteller and finds that her stories remind her audiences of their stories – and that stories keep our loved ones close in spirit.

Dr. Denise Campagnolo received her Doctor of Medicine degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and completed her residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at New Jersey Medical School ( Rutgers).  Afterwards, she completed a post-graduate fellowship and obtained her Masters Degree in Neuroscience .  She practiced for 17 years in the neuroscience area. She is a recognized national thought leader in the field of Multiple Sclerosis, with a  subspecialty Board Certification in Spinal Cord Medicine. She has co-edited a text book entitled Spinal Cord Medicine (Second Ed). Over the past 8 years Dr Campagnolo has worked in the bio-pharmaceutical industry , where she has been involved in research and drug development for Multiple Sclerosis.  Dr. Campagnolo has taken a strong interest in EricsHouse with an emphasis on uncovering new approaches to finding cures for mental illness as a result of the loss of her son to suicide.

Dr. Sucher was educated at Wayne State University where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1968 and a Medical Degree in 1972.  Dr. Sucher’s internship was at Sinai Hospital of Detroit in Detroit, Michigan and he underwent residency training at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.  From 1974 through 1994 Dr. Sucher practiced emergency medicine and served as an emergency department director at two Honor Health facilities in Scottsdale (Osborn and Shea).  He served as President of the Medical Staff of Scottsdale Healthcare (now Honor Health) Osborn during 1994.

He practices addiction medicine and served as the medical director of the physician health program/professional health programs for the Arizona Medical Board and the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners from 1992 until November 2019 when he transferred those programs to Community Bridges, Inc.  He was also President of the California Physicians Health Program from its founding in 2008 until May 2020.  He has served as the President of the Nevada Professional Assistance Program since August 2017.  Additionally, he serves as a consultant in addiction medicine to most other healthcare regulatory agencies and boards in Arizona.

He has served as the Acting Medical Director of the Division of Behavioral Health at the Department of Health Services, State of Arizona (2005-2006).  Additionally, he served as the Acting Medical Director of the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services at the Department of Health Services, State of Arizona (2002-2004).  He served as the Chief Medical Officer for Community Bridges Inc. which is a community substance abuse and mental health treatment program in the greater Phoenix area and throughout the state of Arizona from 2002 until April 2020.  He was appointed to the CBI Board of Directors in April 2020 upon his retirement as CMO.

He also served as the medical director for Community Medical Services from 2011-2016, which is the largest opioid treatment program in Arizona and also has programs in Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, and Alaska.

Presently, as a consultant to Community Bridges, Inc. he serves as senior medical director of the CBI Professional Medical Monitoring Program and as Program Director of the CBI/Honor Health Addiction Medicine Fellowship.  Dr. Sucher directed the formation of the first Addiction Medicine Fellowship program in Arizona in 2018 as a collaboration between CBI and Honor Health.

As of June 2019, he became the Executive Medical Director of Meadows Behavioral Healthcare which is a nationally known treatment facility for substance use disorders, sexual compulsivity, and trauma.  In that role, he also is the medical director of Broad Beach Recovery Center, a wholly-owned Meadows Behavioral Healthcare facility in Malibu, California.  He also currently serves as an attending addiction medicine physician with Community Medical Services.  In 2019 he was appointed to the Advisory Board of True Mobile Health, Inc. headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dr. Sucher is a member of the medical staff of Honor Health Osborn, Shea, and Thompson Peak as well as Banner Behavior Health Hospital all in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He is the medical director of physician health for Honor Health and the consultant for physician health for the Banner Health system.  He holds teaching positions throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Dr. Sucher is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.  He was granted Diplomate Status by the American Board of Addiction Medicine in 2009.  He is also certified as a Medical Review Officer by ASAM.  Additionally, he is a Past President of the Arizona Society of Addiction Medicine.  He is a nationally known speaker on addiction medicine and professional health issues.

From January 1995 through July 2001 Dr. Sucher served as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Rural/Metro Corporation.  His responsibilities included oversight and management of all medical issues of the corporation including education and training, quality improvement, corporate compliance, government relations, and business development.  From early 2000 until July 2001 he served as CEO of Rural/Metro Latin America which provided services in Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil.  Rural/Metro Latin America was a $ 55MM annual revenue business unit of Rural/Metro Corporation.  Rural/Metro Corporation was, at that time, the 2nd largest ambulance company in the United States.

Susan grau is an internationally recognized psychic medium based in Southern California who has been able to communicate with spirit from age four when she had a near death experience . She owns her own business in Tustin, CA called “In The Light Services”. Susan is a highly skilled Master teacher of the metaphysical arts. She speaks at consortiums, writers conventions and is a sought after lecturer at many healing events including the Orange County IANDS association where She speaks to groups regarding her connection to the other side, her near death experience, and her own personal struggle with the suicide deaths of three of her own family members. She is an author of several soon to be published books regarding the afterlife, growing up an empath, connecting to spirits and details of her NDE. Susan is a life coach , and has studied under international renowned mediums such as Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh and Lynn Probert. She has been featured in OA magazine, spirit anchor and on Empire Radio station in New York. She has also been interviewed and featured on Mary Giuliani live in Orange County, Ca. Susan works with her abilities to bring healing to those seeking insight. Susan’s ratings show her as one of the top rated mediums and healers by the Yelp community.