Project Description

I know that God has plans for us,
In that I can be sure,
But in taking away my sweet young son,
The pain I cannot bear.

For love, a mother’s love I know
To lose a son so dear
Can shake the world we know on earth
And leave her full of tears.

I am sorry for the pain you felt
I am sorry I was not there,
I hope that in your last few moments
You knew how much I cared.

And yes, my sweet Son Eric
The choice that you desired,
Life gave you many twists and turns
But it was peace that you required

For that you have my great respect
My teacher you will be
The lessons you have taught me
will make me wise you see.

So in your glory, up in heaven
Please watch over us with care
For with you as our angel,
Our burden you may share

Ese quam videri Eric
To be, to really be.
My hope for you today and always
Is for peace eternally.

With love, MOM.