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Processing Life-changing Grief

EricsHouse Life-changing Grief Processing

Nothing quite prepares us for the heartache of profound loss. Grief is not a problem to be fixed but rather, it is a normal reaction to loss. When someone we love dies, it may feel as if everything we once knew as true has changed. When we experience a loss that is unexpected – such as suicide and addiction losses – our grief is complicated. We often experience regret, anger, extreme sorrow, confusion and chaos, guilt, and sometimes relief. Society today also stigmatizes these losses. Rather than just learning to “cope” and “move on”, our goal is to help you look at ways to grow from the loss.

Our team of talented professionals will help you understand your grief using mind, body, and spiritual approaches so that you learn how to integrate your loss in a healthy way as we help you find ways to honor yourself and your loved one in a safe and supportive environment.