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Rekindling the Holiday Spirit After Loss by Lucille Rosetti

You’ve recently lost a loved one, and the holidays are just around the corner. Typically, this is a time filled with excitement and joy, but you’re finding it harder to feel the holiday spirit this time around. When you lose someone special, your life feels like it’s been shattered into pieces. As you process your grief, it’s important to pick up the pieces and try to put them back together. If you are having difficulty with your loss, here are some ways to cope and find the holiday spirit again, brought to you below by EricsHouse.

Starting New Traditions

One way to help rekindle the holiday spirit is to start a few new traditions of your own. Don’t make a huge leap right off the bat; take small steps, and remember to only do what feels comfortable. Otherwise, these new traditions may take on a negative connotation, which will defeat the purpose of creating new traditions in the first place.

To start a new life and begin those new traditions, many people decide to start fresh in a new home. For example, picking out an apartment in a neighborhood you like can help you find your footing as you move forward. And if you want something a bit more spacious than an apartment, you can explore the different townhouses and condos in and around the Phoenix area. Just make sure you’re ready to take this step; it’s important to move as quickly or as slowly as you wish. 

Restoring Relationships 

After loss, it’s natural to feel a little more alone in the world than you were before. You may feel like locking yourself in your room and processing your grief alone, but isolating yourself is hardly constructive. Instead, you should surround yourself with friends and family. Fill your holidays with fun activities such as sledding, caroling, and building a snowman. Spending time with people you love will reaffirm the relationships you have in life and will ward off feelings of loneliness. 

Opening Yourself to Love

Another broken piece you have to reassemble after loss, is intimacy. Intimacy is how close we allow ourselves to come to others. After you lose someone, your faith in intimacy becomes damaged, and it’s difficult to let others close to you during such a vulnerable time.

Cuddling is a proven way to increase your comfort levels and reduce levels of anxiety. People who develop deep relationships with pets have also been proven to reap the same kind of benefits when dealing with loss. Make yourself a hot cup of cocoa, upgrade your television and sound system if you’re into streaming shows and movies, and use the holidays as a time to be next to someone you love.  

Finding Good in the World 

Losing someone can feel like all the good in the world has been taken away. It’s hard to look at the bright side after a death, but it’s important  that you try and find goodness in the world. To do this, you can either wait around for something good to happen to you, or you can go out there and make the good happen. 

The holidays are about spreading peace and goodwill to people all over, starting with your own community. There are lots of volunteer opportunities working at soup kitchens or homeless shelters or handing out gifts to families in need. Making the holidays special for others can help bring joy back into your own life, as you see the joy you can create in the lives of others. 

Nothing can fully take away the pain of losing a loved one, even the holidays. The grieving process is complicated and unique for everyone. It will take time and patience, but there will be better days ahead of you. As you enter the holidays, remember to keep your friends close, open your heart, and if you can’t find any good in the world, make your own.

Photo Credit: Pixabay