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EricsHouse Additional Services

Counseling with a Licensed Counselor (varies by state)

Often when facing complicated grief, you may have underlying challenges that require the help of a licensed mental health provider. This might also be true if you are experiencing PTSD as a result of your loss. EricsHouse can provide referrals to a licensed therapist if together we determine that is the best course of action for you. This may include a referral for EMDR or other treatment for PTSD.


Life Coaching After Loss

Coaching is a collaborative relationship to help you move forward, especially after a traumatic loss. It helps you map out a plan to address the “what’s next for me?” question. There are often many concerns about what is next in life, how can you go back to the life you once had, how can you move forward? The goal of coaching is to help you move from wherever you are in your grief journey to where you want to be. As a client you play an active role in describing and creating your desired life with new meaning. Coaches work with their clients to reach specific life goals that enhance their growth while dealing with emotional difficulties. 

Sound Healing with Kim Balzan

Kim Balzan is an experienced sound healer, using a variety of modalities.

Benefits of Sound may include

  • lower stress/bringing balance
  • improve sleep/relaxation
  • decrease mood swings
  • Improve focus/attention span
  • more energy/state of wellness
  • rejuvenating /energizing feelings.

For more information, email [email protected]