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How It Works

Ericshouse Member Services

All New Members to EricsHouse begin with an Intake Appointment with a Senior Grief Specialist (SGS). Our grief specialists are certified by Dr. Alan Wolfelt and receive 90 hours of training specifically in grief. Often our grief specialists are loss survivors themselves making them uniquely qualified to support you.

In this session, the SGS will assess your needs and work with you to create a healing care plan. After your intake appointment, you will be asked to sign and return an informed consent and to complete a data survey.

Our services are offered at greatly discounted rates. Each session costs $55.00

The following services are offered as options:

  • Grief Companioning
  • Spiritual Companioning
  • Reiki
  • Health Coaching

You may pay as you go at $55 a session. We also offer a pre-paid, pre-packaged bundle of 6 sessions for a discounted rate of $40 a session, total $240. The package expires after 14 weeks encouraging timely use.