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Life After Life with Evidential Medium Melinda Vail June 3 2020

Life after Life:  Our Children in the Afterlife with Evidential Medium Melinda Vail     Melinda has been connecting people with their deceased loved ones for decades. Since 2017, she has been using her special gifts as an Evidential Medium to to EricsHouse where she has a special interest in working with survivors of suicide.  Melinda’s […]

Duality on This Earth with Evidential Medium Melinda Vail June 3

Duality on This Earth with Evidential Medium Melinda Vail Why do people stay in fear, anger, or engage in bad behavior?  We live on a planet of duality . . . . . where our ego and our soul create the proverbial "angel on you shoulder" vs. "devil on your shoulder" internal struggle.  Join us as […]