Understanding Your Grief:

Men’s Support Group 

Loss of a loved one is devastating. It can drive us into isolation. Loss to addiction, suicide, or sudden trauma only increases the complexity of grief – adding layers of guilt, anger, or shame. The masculine griever faces tough challenges. A man’s grief defies all the cultural norms we subject ourselves to: don’t cry, man up, move on . . . but it’s not that easy.  We must first acknowledge that, while it’s possible that we could get through great loss on our own, it’s difficult to do it alone. The odds of success go way up with good support.

Whether you’ve lost a child, sibling, parent, or close friend EricsHouse Men’s Groups create a safe space where you can risk sharing what hurts most in the presence of other men who have their own deeply personal experiences of loss – who will not judge you, presume to ‘fix’ you, invade you, or abandon you.

The “Understanding Your Grief” Men’s Group focuses on the difficult challenges we face in the first stages of our grief journey: accepting the reality of the death, embracing the pain of loss, and authentically honoring the memory of our lost loved ones.  Over the course of 8 weeks, co-facilitators Ken Slesarik and Greg Eckerman will lead the group in an exploration of our grief to build understanding. Through our humility and vulnerability, we will empower one another to find the courage to face the most broken and lost places within ourselves, and strive to discover acceptance.

Meetings will be virtual (on-line) to enable us to reach men across North America and maintain pandemic safety protocols.

Ken lost his son, Kenny, to an accidental drug overdose in December, 2019.

He is a Special Needs Teacher, children’s poet and author, and

an Associate Grief Specialist at EricsHouse.

Greg lost his stepson, Eric, to suicide in February, 2016.

He is a co-founder of EricsHouse, facilitated the original EricsHouse Men’s Group,

and is an Associate Grief Specialist.

This group will be limited to 12 people and will run for 8 weeks beginning on Tuesday, March 16.  Sessions will be held virtually on a weekly basis at 6:00 pm AZ Time (9:00 PM EST, and 6:00 PM PDT).

March 16

March 23

March 30

April 6

April 13

April 20

April 27

May 3

You will receive a copy of Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s book “The Journey Through Grief” and an EricsHouse Journal to write down your thoughts.

There is a $45.00 charge for this group to cover the cost of materials and expenses.  Scholarships are available.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  Please email Ken at rhymin1@yahoo.com or Greg at greg@ericshouse.org to determine if this is the right group for you.  Once you are pre-registered, you will receive a link to complete your registration.