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Join Nikki Kontz with Teen Lifeline on Suicide and our Children

EricsHouse is teaming up with Teen Lifeline to offer an interactive and informative virtual session to help prevent suicide. Nikki Kontz, the Clinical Director at Teen Lifeline, will explain how Teen Lifeline has impacted our community by saving lives, educating parents, and training schools on the signs and appropriate responses to potential suicides. The current […]

Teen Suicide- Go Behind the Headlines with Teen Lifeline

  COVID-19 has impacted our teenagers and calls to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline are up 600%.  Nikki Kontz, Clinical Director for Teen Lifeline, will go behind the headlines and share insights into what our teens are truly experiencing, and what you, as their parents, can do to ease their anxiety and support their new […]

Women’s Support Group for Suicide Loss Survivors

NEW SUPPORT GROUP FOR SUICIDE LOSS! MEETS WEEKLY FOR 12 WEEKS. NOVEMBER 4TH-JANUARY 20TH (Holiday weeks will be rescheduled at the group's convenience). WEDNESDAYS 4:30PM-6:00PM AZ TIME; 7:30PM-9:00 PM EST PRE-SCREENING TO ENSURE THIS GROUP IS A GOOD FIT FOR YOU: LAURIE@ERICSHOUSE.ORG REGISTER HERE Each group member will receive Understanding Your Suicide Grief book and […]